How to Value Gold

May 5, 2011

The long-term bull market in gold has been a ‘life saver’ for investors over the past 10 years. Equities have been in a sideways/bear market. Bonds have been all over the place with the peculiar twists and turns of monetary intervention. Commodities have been great, but quite gut-wrenching at times. Yet gold, the elusive metal, seems to have been one of the few assets to proceed upward in an orderly fashion. Now, although I don’t necessarily advocate buying gold just this second, I continue to believe that it is in a long-term bull market. So, to alleviate the fears of some of gold’s antagonists, I thought I’d address one of the most prohibitive complaints about gold: – namely, that ‘it doesn’t yield anything’ and that ‘you can’t value it’. Here, I’ll outline a ‘pseudo-valuation’ method for gold.

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