Jim Rogers on Bloomberg – He’s Long Euros & Dollars, Short US Government Bonds & Microsoft Calls…

Jim Rogers was interviewed on Bloomberg this morning (29/6/11). He spoke about markets, monetary & fiscal policies, his positions and the next 10 years. See below of the video & summary.



  • Jim Rogers owns the Euro. The balance of payments situation isn’t bad and the Eurozone is not a significant debtor entity.
  • Jim Rogers owns the dollar at the moment. He’s not selling, or even thinking of selling yet.
  • The bailouts in Europe are for French, German etc. banks.
  • ‘Why should hard-working Dutch tax-payers pay for the bailouts of French or German banks?’
  • The best way to proceed is to take the losses now. Otherwise the market will force a disorderly collapse in years to come.
  • Jim Rogers is short US Government Bonds (he entered the position on June 10th).
  • Jim Rogers is short Microsoft calls (he entered the position yesterday).
  • The Federal Reserve has no clue about Economics or Currencies.
  • The end of QE2 will mean that they’ll stop printing money for a while, but they’ll start again as soon as things start going badly again.

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Posted Jun 29, 2011
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