Panic is in the Air…

Well, seemingly markets are in ‘risk-off’ mode again, with everything but the dollar, yen and government debt taking a hit. I thought I’d point out our opinion on the dollar in case anyone missed it the other week.


Basically, by June 24th the dollar index had made a higher low and was testing the short-term high. We highlighted that we were generally positive about the dollar index, especially if it made that new high. We were a little early and got messed around a bit, but over the past few days the dollar index has made that new short-term high. So, what was said in the post linked above still stands.


Dollar Index Daily Chart

A new short-term high in the dollar index. Click to enlarge. Source:


The homepage of

The homepage of Can you smell the panic? Click to enlarge.

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Posted Jul 12, 2011
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