Jim Rogers on ABC News Australia (5/8/11)

Jim Rogers was interviewed by ABC News Australia on 5/8/11. He spoke about commodities, currencies and the global debt crises. See below for the video and summary.





  • Jim Rogers is mainly invested in real assets — commodities (esp. agriculture), gold and silver. Moreover, he owns the Swiss Franc, the Japanese Yen and the Euro (although he wouldn’t buy the Euro right now, he’s not selling it).
  • Things are going to get worst in America.
  • Finance is not going to be a great place to be for the next 30 years. Farming — after a 30 year bear market — is going into 30 year bull market.
  • The inventories of agricultural products are at historic lows. We have shortages of everything, including farmers.
  • India has a Debt to GDP ratio of 90%. When countries get to that level of debt, it becomes difficult to grow.
  • There are more bankruptcies and crises coming in Europe.
  • There is no reason to sell your gold until it’s in a big bubble. That may be 10 years from now. If it goes down, you should buy some more.

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Posted Aug 6, 2011
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  • Shane

    Jim Rogers should be ignored at your own peril. If he says jump, then you jump. I have been listening to all the usual suspects, before the GFC, but I would not bet against Jim Rogers.

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