It may seem a little suspect to use the words ‘another’ and ‘rare’ together as has been done in the title. After all, if one is using the adjective ‘another’, shouldn’t one be questioning the supposed rarity of the object to which it refers? Well, there is a point to this; so if the immediate trends in the Fed’s balance sheet continue, we will probably have to stop using such phrases. The reason why it’s ok for now is because there have only been four weeks in 2011 (including this one) in which the Fed’s balance sheet contracted. Here, I present several charts relating to the Fed’s balance sheet and consider the investment implications of the recent stagnation in the total balance sheet size. continue reading »

Marc Faber was interviewed on Bloomberg TV yesterday (19/8/11). He spoke about US treasury bonds, gold, equities & currencies. See below for the video and summary.

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