Just a Little Bit of Self-Congratulation…

We must apologise (profusely!) for the lack of new content of late. It was our intention to publish a lengthy piece for Monday but evidently we ran out of time. So, to tide you over until the weekend, I thought I’d post a few links to some of the timely greshams-law.com pieces of 2011. This may be a little boring for our super-loyal readers, but for everyone else we’d like to stress that many (if not all) of the concepts outlined below remain valid and interesting. Recall, we do not care to comment on the daily flow of news, we focus on long-term monetary trends so that our intellectual efforts compound fruitfully over time. It’s not that the news is useless as such — rather much of it is an indulgence of sorts (think about all that precious time wasted on the intricacies of nuclear reactors and Gaddafi’s childhood this year! Those guys will never get that time back! And yet our readers will continue to prosper both intellectually and monetarily as they continue to ‘out-grasp’ relevant concepts that are unacceptable and/or incomprehensible to the herd!)


In an admittedly cavalier order:


See here for our collection of rare historical economic data.

Posted Sep 27, 2011
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