Real Interest Rates

[EDIT: For up-to-date real interest rate charts see here.]
Here we present a consolidated view of real rates around the globe. As usual real interest rates in the perpetually-monetizing West are in deep negative territory (although be warned that they’re moving strongly higher at present). In contrast, real rates in Japan and the Czech. Republic are deteriorating rapidly.


Global Real Interest Rates - (March 2012)

Click to enlarge. - Real Interest Rates Around the Globe - Source: OECD Statistics


The colours surrounding the bars indicate the overall direction of the indicator in each country (green -> increasing, red -> decreasing). Click on the links below to view real interest rates Vs. local currency gold prices for countries around the globe.


North America Europe Asia Eastern Europe Latin America Australasia Middle East & Africa
United States Euro Area China Czech. Republic Brazil Australia Israel
Canada Switzerland Japan Hungary Chile New Zealand Turkey
- Sweden India Poland Mexico - South Africa
- Denmark Indonesia Russian Federation - - -

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Posted May 7, 2012